Madison Grove Subdivision, BayView - Texas

Weclome to MADISON GROVE SUBDIVSION; A lovely community in Bayview, Texas.
Madison Grove provides a peaceful, scenic, and safe place to raise a faimly or retire.

You can live enjoying the comfort of a natural oasis but with with the modern connections of a big city: high speed internet (20 megabytes per second, broadband), 5 star cellular data connection via signal enhancer, satellite TV and daily early morning newspaper delivery in your drive way of the Wall Street Journal.

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Featured House(s)

122 Madelyn Rose

(Ready for Sale)
Land Size : 3/4 acres | Building Size : 2603.5 sqrt feet
2 Car Garage | 2 Master Bedroom Suites
Stained Concrete Floors | 5 Bedrooms
3.5 Bathrooms | Lake View

114 Madelyn Rose

(Under Construction)
Land Size : 3/4 acres | Stained Concrete Floors
Building Size : 2603.5 sqrt feet | 4 Bedrooms
2 Car Garage | 3 Bathrooms
1 Master Bedroom Suite | Lake View

Our Location

  • Madison Grove | Bayview | TX 78566
  • 956-434-1334
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